Guardian24 - iOS

This iOS application was developed to a security company with extensive record of reliability, consolidated in diversification of products offered to meet members, operating under an impeccable ethics and professionalism.

The application’s main functionality basically allow customers Guardian24 always be in contact with yours services. this application is friendly, intuitive and easy to use by customers.


  • Get technical request in process or do new request.
  • Check your new activation from alarm system.
  • Get information about invoice and new budgets.
  • Do suggestions.
  • Newsletter “Guardián al día”

Technical Details

The Application was developed specifically for Apple iPhone with iOS7. We implemented all the tools from iOS7 like a AutoLayout for the best adaptability in devices and Custom Animated Transitions.

The Application’s interfaz was developed using new elements in the operating system and the design was inspired by iOS7 giving sense of simplicity and sobriety.

Product Details

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