25 Mar 2013

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Mule ESB / Mulesoft express deployment as Tomcat service

mule_esb deploy

Last month in the office we where trying to deploy our Mule ESB application as a service to Tomcat in a server. We tried several tutorials out there involving wrapping it in a web application, .WAR files and a lot of stuff that didn’t work quite well for us. We managed to deploy a Mule application in a express and simple way that it was almost too easy to be true:

  • Download Mule Standalone.
  • Unpack it in the server’s location of your desire.
  • Place your zipped Mule application in the /mule-standalone/apps directory.
  • If you have any kind of JDBC connector .jar, place it in the /mule-standalone/lib/mule directory.

Now you’re ready to run your application, go to /mule-standalone/bin and you can do ./mule And stopping it using Crtl-C. Or you can manipulate it as a daemon using instead mule start/stop/restart You’re done. You now have your Mule application running in a standalone instance of Mule ESB that uses its own Tomcat instance. You won’t need to install or customize a Tomcat server because Mule standalone will get one up for you. BTW this installation method was a product of experimentation and a lot of trial and error, and it could not entirely work for you, so please feel free to tell your opinions and/or experience.

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